Odyssey of the Mind teaches students to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun in the process. For more than twenty five years, this unique program has helped teachers generate excitement in their students. By tapping into creativity, and through encouraging imaginative paths to problem-solving, students learn skills that will provide them with the ability to solve problems — great and small — for a lifetime. The Odyssey of the Mind teaches students how to think divergently by providing open-ended problems that appeal to a wide range of interests. Students learn how to identify challenges and to think creatively to solve those problems. They are free to express their ideas and suggestions without fear of criticism. The creative problem-solving process rewards thinking “outside of the box.” While conventional thinking has an important place in a well-rounded education, students need to learn how to think creatively and productively.

21st Century Skills

Odyssey of the Mind teaches students 21st century skills that they need to be successful today and in the future. Throughout the season, children learn to think and work creatively and implement innovation. In addition, learning to reason effectively, utilize systems thinking, solve problems and make sound judgments and decisions are some of the critical thinking and problem solving skills that participants develop. Finally through the process of solving their long term problem, enhancing their solution with style and solving spontaneous problems on the spot, children learn to communicate clearly and effectively plus respectively collaborate with others.

Calomer Learning Innovation Critical Thinking Skills

Calomer 21st Century OOTM Comparison Chart

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Odyssey of the Mind provides an extra-curricular activity for students that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and it requires students to actively engage in order to find its solution. Throughout the problem solving process, Odyssey of the Mind students learn STEM concepts by assessing the composition and strength of materials, designing vehicles and devices, engineering structures, sets and backdrops, and calculating scores, geometry and physics. Because students are working in a project based environment where they solve a problem from a multi-disciplinary approach, they incorporate science, technology, engineering and math into the process. Odyssey of the Mind problems, from technical to classics, structural to performance, provide a creative and innovative way to problem solve while applying STEM concepts that students have learned.