Code of Conduct SoCal OM Coaches 2023

If a coach works with multiple teams, then use a different browser and email to submit the form for the second team.

This form must be filled out BEFORE going to your regional tournament!

The team code of conduct is also available as a Google Form. You must fill this out with your team BEFORE going to your regional tournament!

Code of Conduct for SoCal Odyssey of the Mind Coaches

All coaches wishing to register a team at a California Odyssey of the Mind regional or state competition are required to sign this code of conduct form. This form requires coaches to agree to abide by the “Code of Conduct for SoCal Odyssey of the Mind Coaches” as shown below.


SoCal Odyssey of the Mind requires that all coaches observe the highest standards of professional ethics. A few basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  •   Always act with respect and sportsmanship.
  •   Never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.
  •   Always treat others in a courteous and professional manner regardless of their gender, ability, or cultural backgrounds.

Standard of Conduct

As a SoCal OM coach, I believe that it is my duty to promote important life skills and the development of good character. I believe that essential elements of character-building are embodied in the concepts of respect and sportsmanship.

  • Respect: I will treat all people, including team members, parents, and officials with respect all the time and will require the same of my team. I will use positive coaching methods to make the experience enjoyable, increase self-esteem, and foster a

appreciation for the program. I will encourage team members to pursue victory with honor, to think and compete as a team, and to do their best. I will discourage selfishness and put less emphasis on the final outcome of the competition than upon effort, teamwork, and character.

  • Sportsmanship: I will be a good sport by demonstrating support of all SoCal OM teams, coaches, and officials at practices and tournaments. I will remember that SoCal OM is operated by committed volunteers who will always try to act in the best interest of team members. I will support those volunteers and understand that their time and effort is important to all team members.

Conduct Within SoCal Odyssey of the Mind

I understand that in my position as a SoCal OM coach, I must act in accordance with the following code:

  • Training: I understand that I am responsible for all information passed along at any SoCal OM coaches’ training sessions. I am aware that coaching guidelines are also available on the SoCal OM website, www.socalodyssey.org. I know that I can receive help and support from regional personnel and websites.
  • Knowledge: I will maintain a thorough knowledge of the competition rules as outlined in the current year’s “Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide” which is available through my membership contact person or on the web at www.odysseyofthemind.com. I will also maintain a thorough understanding of the rules outlined by my specific problem, including any team-generated or public clarifications. I understand that it is my responsibility to assure that my team members know and understand the rules as well.
  • Team Code of Conduct: I will review the Team Code of Conduct with team members and their parents. A signed copy must be available on request at any competition.

Outside Assistance (OA)

I understand that it is my responsibility as a team coach to ensure that all team members and their supporters (parents, family, and friends) fully understand and abide by the OA ban. I will do my best to uphold and promote this basic tenant of the OotM program. I will not participate or allow Outside Assistance as outlined in the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide.

  • This includes, but is not limited to, the creation and construction of any aspect of the team’s LT solution, suggesting or promoting any particular ideas for the LT solution, as well as any directing and blocking that are connected with the final presentation of the team’s solution.
  • I understand that by allowing or giving Outside Assistance, I am taking away from the team’s ownership of their solution. By doing so I understand that I will adversely affect the potential success of the team’s solution because they must disclose the assistance on the Outside Assistance Form which may result in penalty points.
  • If I become aware of any OA it is my responsibility to discuss with the team whether they wish to change their solution to avoid using the assistance or disclose it on the OA form to be considered for scoring penalty.

I have read this “Code of Conduct for SoCal OM Coaches” and agree to abide by it while serving as a California Odyssey of the Mind coach at this year’s Regional, State, and World competitions. Per your home region’s guidelines, this form must be signed and handed in by all team coaches prior to the regional competition.


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