2021-2022 Long Term Problem Synopsis

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Team required list forms – these are available in the team member area on the national website and are unique for each problem.


Spontaneous is that part of the competition that team members really gets to shine and share those creative thinking skills that coaches get to see though the long-term problem process. Solving spontaneous problems team members get to “think on their feet” and quickly “think outside of the box.” These problems are “TOP SECRET” and only the team members that enter the room get to know the secret. What’s better for students than knowing something their parents don’t know?

Spontaneous is a very important part of your competition so don’t forget to practice, practice, and practice. Have fun with it. Try some verbal problems with your family in the car or build something out of paper and toothpicks. There is not a wrong answer just creativity and imagination.

Just for fun

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