3 Steps to Paying Membership Fees:

Each group will need to complete ALL the fee steps to be considered fully registered to participate at regional, state, and world competitions.

Step 1 National Membership

National Membership.  Traditional memberships are purchased by a school and/or organization and more than one team can share a Traditional membership.  There are various levels of Traditional Memberships starting at $290. For the 2022-2023 season, ask your regional or state director for a coupon for a discount on your national membership.

National Membership

Step 2 Association Membership

The purchase of an association membership is the second step to getting your season started.

Purchase a association membership. The state association membership will register your group at the association level and costs $85 for the 22-23 season.  These funds are used to run an association tournament, train officials, and maintain the program in the SoCal California Association. Your team will be assessed this fee after your national membership is purchased.


Association (State) Membership

Online Payment Option

Step 3 Regional Membership

Each team competing in a Regional Tournament pays a registration fee per team. This fee is paid in December or January of the competition year when the team registers for the tournament.

Regional Tournament Fee

Online Payment Option


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