World Finals Critical Deadlines

Notify the SoCal Director if your team will or will not be attending World by April 8th. This does not require any down payment or registration fee.

Email: SoCal Director

  • Get your team registered ASAP! The system should allow you to register the day following our State Tournament. Plan to register by Friday if at all possible! This requires no down payment or registration fee.  You do not need to have all of your information to register. You can continue to make adjustments in your registration up until the payment deadline.
  • The drop-dead deadline for registration is April 10th. Any teams registering after this date will NOT be guaranteed a spot at World Finals!
  • If your team has a true financial need, be sure to apply for the COU housing grant as soon as possible. The deadline date is provided on the application. You will need to have your team registered before you can apply, so be sure to get that done right away. These grants are only available for teams staying on campus. Teams staying off campus are not eligible. Be sure you have a strong, legitimate reason for needing the grant. Make a clear and detailed case for financial need, as many teams apply.
  • Order your California State trading pins for World Finals.  The order must be placed by April 28th .  Pins can be ordered individually or for the team by the coach. If additional pins are needed you can arrange to purchase some in person at World, but we can’t guarantee availability.
  • Order your additional California State Champion shirts by April 28th. No late orders will be taken. Your t-shirts will be mailed directly to you.
  • Payment for your World Finals package is due NO LATER THAN April 28th! This means payment must be RECEIVED at the National Office by this date! Purchase orders do not count as payment. You will receive a $100 discount on your package if you do your entire registration online and meet the deadlines. If you have difficulties getting payments processed in a timely manner through your school district, please contact the national office to alert them.
  • If you have team members who will be missing their graduation to attend World Finals, be sure to fill out the Graduation Registration form and send it in before April 28th.
  • If you plan to participate in the Coaches Competition (and I hope you do!) be sure to send in your registration by April 28th.

If you are interested in representing California South in the Banner or Float competitions, please let contact the SoCal State Association Director  know as soon as possible.