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Parents can find the tournament information for the season under the STATE TOURNAMENT section of the website.

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How to help

Yes, you are the ones who are driving the carpools, fork out money for pizza, drinks, snacks, opening closets for major scavenging, waiting while the team cleans up after a practice, postponing dinner because one more prop needed to be finished so it could dry and generally watching from the sidelines while the team gets creative.

You, parents, can be a team’s secret weapon, and are a vital part to the Odyssey of the Mind program. Below is a list of what you can and cannot do to help.

Donate Funds

Donate funds to the SoCal Odyssey of the Mind by clicking on the donation button on this website.

If you know a company that would like to support the program please contact our state director, who will be happy to assist you.

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We never want kid’s safety compromised due to a child wanting to use the same power tools as Mom or Dad. However, kids will often see what adults can do, such as using power tools, and will want their Mom or Dad to use the power tools for them. Keep in mind this constitutes Outside Assistance and the team will likely receive a penalty. Talk to your coach to find guidance for the kids acquiring new skill. Ask the right questions such as, “What other materials can you use? How else can you build it?” to help them learn to be resourceful within their abilities. Remember… the solution for the problem is TEAM created. The team will amaze you with their solution.

Tournament Etiquette
SoCal Odyssey of the Mind is very fortunate to have the support of school districts through the generous use of schools for tournaments. As guests, it is important to remind each other to be respectful of their property and be good role models. Clean up after teams, even if it is not your team. Park were parking is indicated to be acceptable. Clean up make up from the bathrooms. Use the walkways. Be kind to people and place.
Support the Program

California Odyssey of the Mind is a volunteer organization that is here to support the program of creative thinking and the future generations of creators and leaders. These students need support from all of us. If you would like to help here are a few ways you can do that or think “outside of the box” and let us know how you would like to help.

How to support the program:

  • Volunteer at regional and state tournaments.
  • Judge at regional and state tournaments.