NorCal & SoCal Odyssey of the Mind

Creativity Fair Activity – Breaking All the Rules

TEAMS – You’ve spent time reading the program guide so you are familiar with all of the “rules” of Odyssey found in Chapter 5, pages 5-43.  Many of you have spent your time focusing on following the rules, but in this “Odd”yssey year, it’s time to BREAK those rules.


Film a short video (60 seconds or less) of your team, parents, coaches, anyone breaking one of the rules listed below.  NOT ALL RULES can be broken, so be sure you look to the program guide to see which rules are included in the challenge.


  • Your video must include at least ONE team member and be no longer than 60 seconds.
  • You may break AS MANY RULES as you wish.
  • Look at the program guide found at There are 28 rules listed.  You may film your team breaking rules #1-7, 9-14, 16-28.  ANY SUBMISSIONS BREAKING RULE 8 OR RULE 15 WILL NOT BE VIEWED
  • Outside assistance is required…especially if breaking rules 17, 20 or 21. No team members, animals or adults should be harmed in the making of these videos.
  • Videos may be accepted from ANY current teams around the world.


Please send your video to  You must include your membership number, problem number, school or group name, e-mail contact (if not the account from which the video is sent) and a list by NUMBER ONLY of the rules you have broken in your video.  If you do not wish for your video to be shared via Social Media on the NorCal or SoCal Facebook or Instagram sites, please note that when you submit.  All submissions must be received by May 28th.

Gallery: [Submissions to be posted here soon]

Virtual Creativity Festival Stamps:

Rule Breakers thank you for showing your passion for rules, or breaking them. Once you have submitted your rule breaking video via email, be sure to click on the California Creative Festival Virtual Stamp button to collect your Virtual Stamp.

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